The Lord’s my Shepherd, Timothy Cross, ISBN 1840300744

The Lord’s my Shepherd; I’ll not want: Fresh Insights into your Favourite Psalm
Ambassador Publications, Paperback, 71 pages, ISBN 1-840-30074-4


Publishers’ Description

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Reviewers’ Endorsements 

I gladly recommend this little volume. It is thorough and heart-warming because it is Christ-centred and practical, demonstrating how to use Scripture to build up faith and encourage praise. Verses from many well known hymns are included as responses to the truth that the psalm reveals. This is sure to warm the heart of readers. The manner of its writing could also make it suitable for evangelistic use.

Mr Cross acknowledges the popular nature of the psalm and then raises the question whether those who are familiar with it really understand its meaning. He says his aim is simply to shed fresh light upon the Word and in this he succeeds, not because his information is new, but because of the ay it is presented. There are some good lessons here for preachers.

I quickly came to enjoy the manner in which he wrote. Addressing the text in context and drawing from Middle Easter shepherding practice, he explains and applies the Word of God in a stimulating way, as he focuses on the Good Shepherd.

The chapters are short but packed with rich truth and well applied. Typical is his helpful description of ‘goodness and mercy’, not simply following but pursuing us as God’s heavenly sheepdogs which will not leave us alone. God is good!

(Evangelical Times)


Mr Cross has succeeded in approaching this much loved Psalm from new angles. Although he often refers to how the experiences of David, as a middle eastern shepherd, shaped his writing of these six verses, he also makes constant application to us in our present day situations, demonstrating that the God of David is our God today …  Timothy Cross simply goes through the Psalm verse by verse, in short easy to read chapters, making this book and easy, but edifying read for all of us who so often need reminding that ‘the Lord is our Shepherd.’

(Ulster Bulwark)


Dr Cross’ book brings Psalm 23 to life in a way that has rarely been achieved before and brings you a unique double in that it enlightens your mind and warms your heart simultaneously. Additionally as you work through this spiritual treasure line by line and verse by verse you will feel yourself being drawn closer and closer to the Saviour Shepherd who David so lovingly describes, some 3,000 years ago, in the scrubland that is the Judean desert. So if you are looking to read this most beautiful and moving of Psalms then come to read, understand and enjoy the words of David the Shepherd with a new freshness and vitality that will greatly enrich your spiritual life. Come to the quiet waters, be renewed and restored through the Word of God that is our revelation of God’s truth.

(Good News Broadcaster)