Proud to be a Protestant, Timothy Cross, ISBN 9780713200409

Proud to be a Protestant! The Essentials of the Protestant Faith
Paperback, Publisher, B. McCall Barbour; 93 pages ISBN-10 0713200405, ISBN-13: 9780713200409

Publishers’ Description

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Reviewers’ Endorsements

Proud to be a Protestant  is a timely publication; clearly defining and expounding the great doctrines of the Faith. This is a work which directs the soul of the reader to the Holy Scriptures and to Christ, the only Mediator between God and men. It is pure, positive ‘Protestantism’, clearly written to address the needs of the saint and the sinner, the simple and the scholarly.

It is my prayer that through this publication many will be called by God the Holy Spirit to the place of repentance and faith in Christ. I also trust that it will be used of the Lord to encourage true Christians to move on with God, unashamed of the Protestant Faith.
(From the Foreword by SR McKay, Secretary of the Protestant Truth Society).


We warmly welcome the publication of this excellent and timely new book by Timothy Cross. … Here indeed is a book to enlighten your mind, fortify your soul and give you a firmer grounding in the true faith. It deserves a wide readership, and we would encourage our readers to buy a copy or copies, and make it known to others.
(Ulster Bulwark, April-June 2003)


This is an excellent book with the author starting from the point that ‘the Protestant Faith and the Christian Faith are one and the same.’ It is easy to read, concise and very much to the point. The author covers the major fundamental doctrines of Protestantism with frequent references to and quotations from Scripture.

The chapter headings such as ‘The Holy bible: the incomparable book of Protestants;, ‘The triune God of the Bible’; and ‘The incomparable Christ of Protestantism’ give a good idea of the central thrust of this book.

In his preface the author states ‘the current climate has spurred me on to provide a useful and readable primer for my fellow Protestant.’ Mr Cross has succeeded admirably in this aim.

This is a book that is excellent to read through, and will prove invaluable as a future source of reference. Highly recommended.
(British Church Newspaper)