About Dr Timothy Cross: Key Points




Born in Cardiff, Wales, of English parents. Spiritually formative years spent in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently resides in Cardiff, Wales.


Spiritual Background


Christian mother, under the sound of the Gospel even before birth. Born in a Salvation Army maternity home, dedicated to Christ when seven minutes old, converted in later teens. Currently a member of Saltmead Presbyterian Church, Cardiff.


Spiritual Influences


Christian mother. One or two godly elders in the local church. Warren Wiersbe for Bible exposition. Jack Van Impe for Bible memorisation, the late John Dobson – author of Learn Biblical Hebrew  and Learn New Testament Greek  – for biblical languages. Sat under the Reformed ministry of Derek Thomas (now Professor Thomas) in Belfast. Challenged to memorise the Shorter Catechism  when in Belfast and now views Scripture in the light of the Shorter Catechism. Whilst residing in Belfast, was privileged to hear world famous preachers such as the late Ian Paisley, Derek Bingham, Sinclair Ferguson, Maurice Roberts and others.


Educational Qualifications


BA (Hons) Humanities (University of Glamorgan)

BD (Hons) Cardiff University

Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Aberystwyth University)

Doctorate of Theology (Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA)

Doctor of Sacred Literature (Honorary) (Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA)


Christian Ministry


The Spoken Word: Ministers in local churches. Prepares and delivers the monthly Quiet Corner  slot on the South Wales Talking Magazine.

The Written Word: Along with the books, has had articles published in various Christian periodicals including:- The Evangelical Times, Grace Magazine, The Evangelical Magazine, The Ulster Bulwark, Reach Out magazine, the Earthen Vessel Journal  (on-line), The Protestant Truth magazine.


Favourite Books after the Bible


Too many to mention. Possibly Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Possibly JI Packer’s Knowing God.




Distance running –  one time county cross country runner, sub 3 hrs for the marathon. (Author pictured in featured image above, on the right.)

Swimming – indoor and outdoor, has the Bronze Award for life saving.

Has a passion for biblical languages. Has a passion for memorising the Bible.


Favourite Places


  1. Gordon’s Calvary and the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
  2. Barry Island, South Wales
  • Blackpool, Lancashire, England




Has enjoyed the company of three wonderful cats over the years – Joe, Cilla and Sally.

Whilst in college was a semi-pro jazz/soul drummer in a band called ‘Big D and the Peanuts.’

Enjoys professional wrestling as a guilty pleasure, and came to this via his grandparents who had a passion for the same. Used to write feature articles for a wrestling magazine.

Can recite the 176 verses of Psalm 119 from memory on a good day – along with whole books of the New Testament.

Had a near death experience in September 2005, when he was knocked over by a car whilst out running.